The One with the Prom Video: The Best of Friends?

In Flashbacks on February 1, 2011 at 12:00 am

Ross and Rachel (David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston) in “The One with the Prom Video.” (Screen cap)

On February 1, 1996, NBC aired The One with the Prom Video, the Friends episode that many fans call their all-time favorite.

In Prom Video, an old home movie shows Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) how long Ross (David Schwimmer) has loved her, prompting her to kiss him in front of their friends.

The installment aired soon after the sitcom’s star-studded Super Bowl special, which had threatened to spark a Friends backlash.

USA Today’s Robert Bianco has called Prom Video one of the show’s “most emotionally satisfying” episodes, adding that it may single-handedly be responsible “for moving Friends from good to great.”

In 2004, when NBC prepared to air Friends’ ballyhooed series finale and invited viewers to vote for their favorite episodes, Prom Video ranked first.

See for yourself: The One with the Prom Video is on DVD and Blu-ray and can be purchased through iTunes and video on demand.


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